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Like most spiders, they are primarily weak against crushing weapons, although other melee weapons will work effectively.If you have 50 Attack, then dual wield the Rune warhammer and the Off-hand rune warhammer.If you already have the of the previous version (or Pre-Release), you just need to replace the in the .minecraft/bin folder with your backed up version.

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The level 86 jungle spiders are good monsters to train on if you have level 50 combat skills, and are an excellent alternative to Deadly red spiders.

Defined properties: All Life points: 3,100 Life points1: 3,100 All Life points: 750 Life points2: 750 All Life points: 3,150 Life points3: 3,150 All Life points: 1,500 Life points4: 1,500 All Life points: 1,750 Life points5: 1,750 All Life points: 3,200 Life points6: 3,200 All Combat experience: 0 Combat experience: 0 All Combat experience: 297.3 Combat experience1: 297.3 All Combat experience: 37.2 Combat experience2: 37.2 All Combat experience: 312.3 Combat experience3: 312.3 All Combat experience: 66.9 Combat experience4: 66.9 All Combat experience: 83.1 Combat experience5: 83.1 All Combat experience: 327.9 Combat experience6: 327.9 All Release date: 27 January 2003 Release date1: 27 January 2003 All Release date: Release date2: All Release date: 6 December 2004 Release date3: 6 December 2004 All Release date: 9 October 2007 Release date4: 9 October 2007 All Release date: 9 October 2007 Release date5: 9 October 2007 All Release date: 9 August 2005 Release date6: 9 August 2005 All Combat level: 86 Combat level1: 86 All Combat level: 21 Combat level2: 21 All Combat level: 88 Combat level3: 88 All Combat level: 42 Combat level4: 42 All Combat level: 49 Combat level5: 49 All Combat level: 89 Combat level6: 89 All Is members only: true Is members only1: true All Is members only: false Is members only2: false All Is members only: false Is members only3: false All Is members only: unknown Is members only4: unknown All Is members only: unknown Is members only5: unknown All Is members only: unknown Is members only6: unknown All NPC ID: 62 NPC ID1: 62 All NPC ID: 16883 NPC ID2: 16883 All NPC ID: 1478 NPC ID3: 1478 All NPC ID: 6377 NPC ID4: 6377 All NPC ID: 6376 NPC ID5: 6376 All NPC ID: 2491 NPC ID6: 2491 Jungle spiders are monsters that can be found on Karamja and the archipelago east of Yanille.

They are usually invisible on the minimap so they can be a threat to low level players who don't notice them.

Best way to get the backup fully legal is just to create it by your own right after you downloaded the latest version: In the Minecraft Launcher, click "Options" and then click on the Path right behind "Game location on disk".

In the File Explorer, open "bin" and in which you will find

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