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"Sun's pullback of field sales and support in the last year was probably as big a factor as the Oracle deal," he said.Sun's VARs and ISVs "certainly are nervous now," he added."Historically, Oracle doesn't treat its partners well, and that concerns me," said one Sun partner in New England.IBM, HP capitalize on Oracle-Sun deal's uncertainty Meanwhile, Sun competitors IBM and Hewlett-Packard Co., have been making hay, playing up these uncertainties for their own gain.As the Oracle-Sun Microsystems deal wends its way toward completion, tension has ratcheted up among Sun partners and customers who worry that the .4 billion acquisition, announced in April, will mean big changes for their businesses.Download our latest guide to the top strategies solution providers can leverage for starting up and securing a cloud practice, successful approaches to selling and marketing cloud, and why it is urgent for partners to transition now.

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The CIO of a large Chicago-based finance firm also said there has been more migration off of Sun's machines in the past year as contracts have expired.

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Jeff Wilke, CEO of Omaha-based Data Media Solutions Inc., said thanks to Oracle, Sun hardware will be a goner.

"Oracle bought itself a software company and Java," Wilke said.

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