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Project sets the plan’s start date to current date, a thin green vertical line in the chart portion of the Gantt Chart View indicates this current date. Exceptions are used to modify a Project calendar to have a non-standard workday or a non-working day.Let us change the project start date and add some more information. Select a Standard Calendar as your project Calendar. You can also allot unique working hours for a particular resource as well.So it does help in more than just creating a Schedule.This it makes sense for Microsoft to market MS Project as a Plan Creator rather than over-simplifying it as just a schedule creator.Select “Gantt with Timeline” from the dropdown box. Both options, Status Bar and Scroll Bar should be checked.

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In the Start field enter 11/22/15, and then enter the same date in the Finish field.Remember all these are the default settings you will have when you first install MS Project 2013 on your computer.Step 1 − File → Options → General tab → Project view → Default view. Step 7 − File → Options → Advanced tab → Display → Show Status Bar → Show Scroll Bar.Each resource can have its own calendar, which defines what days and shifts a resource is available.Microsoft Project is not suitable for solving problems of available materials (resources) constrained production.For example − The following screen is the Project’s start screen. The screen should have the MS Project interface displayed.Here you have options to open a new plan, some other plans, and even a new plan template. The major part of this interface are − When working with MS Project you either specify a start date or a finish date.A lot of project managers get confused between a schedule and a plan.MS Project can help you in creating a Schedule for the project even with the provided constraints. As a project manager you should be able to answer the following specific questions as part of the planning process to develop a schedule. Strictly speaking, from the perspective of Project Management Methodology, a Plan and Schedule are not the same.A plan is a detailed action-oriented, experience and knowledge-based exercise which considers all elements of strategy, scope, cost, time, resources, quality and risk for the project.Scheduling is the science of using mathematical calculations and logic to generate timeeffective sequence of task considering any resource and cost constraints. In Project Management Methodology, schedule would only mean listing of a project's milestones, tasks/activities, and deliverables, with start and finish dates.

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