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As much as the anally retentive among us try to deny it, normal men and women will feel mutual attraction sometimes. I had sex with a surfer on the first night she was here, after making out in a club, and proceeded to have a weeklong sex marathon while she was here. She was staying long term at a nearby city where I work sometimes, and she actually came to meet me when I was there, twice, we made out again both times, and we never had sex (apparently she had a boyfriend back in her country). That first girl I mentioned, we had an international affair going for about 5 months. I could say I had my fair share in participating the CS community as a host, guest and even as a travel buddy.A hospitality service and social networking website that provides a platform for members to “surf” on couches by staying as a guest at a host’s home, host travelers, meet other members, or join an event. Today, the couchsurfing community has turned completely from a friendly society of world travelers into a dating site that helps illicit creeps have ‘no-strings-attached’ sex for free.Just remember, that you’re not obliged to have mercy fuck with him just because he lets you stay at his house for free. There are however, women who sleeps around when they travel too.

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Disclaimer: I got into couchsurfing for the "right" reasons, namely I wanted to save some money while travelling alone while at the same time getting companionship and insider information from my hosts, and sharing experiences. Not only is Couchsurfing structured like a dating site, it's the best dating site ever. The only difference is that on official dating sites, there is the implicit goal of checking out if you're compatible for a sexual or romantic relationship. I've hosted a ton of girls who I didn't make a pass at.

I started by hosting, first 2 guys, then a couple, then another guy... It was one of the most intense sexual experiences in my life, probably in part because it felt so "forbidden" to do that after I'd explored the forums when learning about couchsurfing etiquette and realizing how maligned this was. Which is all fine - I've used dating sites to good effect - but it kinda kills the magic a little bit. You're meeting someone through an internet site. Even though sometimes I wanted to, but I wasn't feeling it on their side.

Technically, in layman’s term, couchsurfing is the answer for vagabonds who wants to travel cheap, for backpackers who’s trying to save money by instead of booking at hotels and hostels for accommodation, they stay at a welcoming stranger’s house for “free”. On the contrary, I totally understand that there are scenarios where; while spending time at a total stranger’s place for free there would be moments the two of you would want to hang out together, go out for dinner and grab a beer after.

The host would act as a tour guide for his/her guest.

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