Adult dating in aurora south dakota

In 1968, he went to work for the Newell School District as head bus driver and mechanic.As time went on, Dean went to work for Butte County Motors selling cars. Dads next adventure was going to North Dakota and working in the oil fields until they shut down.They started out their married life living in Rapid City working for Pools, hauling trailer houses and enjoyed being a dad to his two daughters, Rosa and Velva.They then moved to Faith in 1961, and he went to work as a mechanic.Teddy Ann was a hard-working, loving mama that would do anything for her children and for the children who like to call her their second mom.Teddy Ann married Thomas Outka on November 28, 1986.Doug also enjoyed playing softball and spent many summers at the ball fields. Doug lost his very courageous battle to cancer on July 5, 2018.He and his wife, Linda, played on a co-ed team where they won 2nd place at a U. He spent his last 5 days in the comfort of the Lippold Hospice Suite in Sturgis.

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Together, they had three wonderful children; Sheila, Jesse, and Shannon.

When their lease ended, they moved back to Belle Fourche and founded Moms Drive Inn in Sturgis in 1986.

After the death of his wife, Marlene, he retired to just manage his trailer court.

Everyone that knew Teddy Ann knew how strong willed and stubborn she was.

With the look on her face, you would always know what she was thinking without her even saying a word.

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