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Women do not have to wait around for men these days so communication is critical to attracting and keeping women.

Today people still live in tribes except they go under a different name, they are called called social networks today.

This works to your advantage because there is already some assumed rapport there because you are in the same social circle.

All you need to do now is get attraction so lets talk about how to do that on Facebook.

Communication is key to surviving and thriving in the modern era.

In a nutshell what I teach men is the communication and attraction skills they need to know to build their social network and attract more of the type of women they want to meet.

Women and their children depended on their man to provide for and protect for them, without a man a woman and her family would usually die. Men developed a strongly independence as they had to depend on themselves for their own survival and the survival of their offspring.

There is no point in owning a billion dollar technology company or being the biggest, stronger guy in the gym if you can effectively communicate with a woman so that she stays around.

The great news is it can be done very quickly even in a matter of days sometimes as your success building a strong network will often snowball into building up even more.

Traditionally only the guys who women were naturally attracted to at a young age or were surrounded by women in high school developed the best communication skills and the biggest social networks.

Now Facebook has produced an exceptionally great opportunity for any average guy to meet amazing women that they would have never had the chance to meet previously.

First I am going to tell you why Facebook presents this exceptional opportunity for you and then I am going to tell you the how.

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