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I was just about to yell at him again, to demand that he leave. Don't you dare come into my house and call me a name. Now you are going to have to be punished."He turned to Lori and said, "I need some rope. "Lori, as calm as can be, replied, "I think there is some in the garage. Kevin still had my arm twisted up behind my back and I could not move. I suspect that it will be a painful lesson for you. I knew that she resented me but how could she countenance this?! And not just him mother, he has a lot of friends with big, black cocks. I watched as he tapped on the ceiling looking for a beam.Before I could open my mouth Lori pulled her arm out of my grip and in a disturbingly quiet, calm, somewhat mocking voice she said, "Mother, I would like you to meet Kevin. I guess you probably got that impression when you saw us."Kevin and I were staring at each other in a battle of wills that I was starting to feel myself losing. I'll get it."As she turned away I called out, "Lori! But his free hand now came to rest on my shoulder before sliding down to cup my breast. Her boyfriend was going to punish me and then **** me! Kevin guided me into the living room and ordered Lori to turn the lights on. Once you have been trained you are going to be so much happier. When the sound told him that he had located a beam he screwed a large hook into the ceiling.This is a very rough story, not for the feint of heart. I would like to be able to say that our problems were entirely my husband's fault. I realized even while it was happening that it was mostly my fault. We just couldn't stay in the same house any longer.(Mdom /Ff, nc, intr, rough, b**st, s&m, bd, ws)***I was sitting in my dark living room sipping on a mixed drink and fuming. Because my fifteen year old daughter had been caught sneaking out in the past I had checked her room before I went to bed and found that she was out again. In the last year it seemed like my entire life was just going to hell. I have to admit that I have nearly spent us into the poorhouse. I spent more money than we had every month and the more my husband yelled at me about it the more I spent.He complained about it at first but that was the way that I was raised. Now this..r****t that my daughter was dating was tearing my clothes off and I could do nothing but allow it. Kevin stood back and examined my breasts and smiled. He turned to Lori and said, "Go out to my car and get my camera out of the trunk.I want some pictures of this."Lori spun around and hurried from the room as her boyfriend reached out and cupped my breasts in his hands.If I didn't need the c***d support money that I'm getting from her father I'd send her off to live with him. This young black man had his arms around my fifteen year old daughter!Unfortunately my job doesn't pay well enough to support my shopping habits without the extra money I get from him. His hands were on her backside and they were kissing, if you can call it that.

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Since I didn't finished high school and I had never worked before I was pretty darned lucky to get that job. I heard noises from just inside the front door and I realized that she was with a boy and that they were making out by the door. I stormed through the living room and into the foyer and when I saw the boy she was with I started screaming at them. I was in my house and he was the young man sneaking my daughter home at midnight. It wasn't until I saw the look in his eyes that I started to feel uncomfortable. Kevin slowly lifted my arm higher behind my back until I stopped struggling.

I finally heard a noise at the front door and I heard my daughter sneaking in. He dropped his hand from his cheek and I saw the fury in his face and I realized at last that I was not in control here. I yelled at him to get out before I called the police. "The next thing I knew I was sitting on the floor holding my face and gasping for breath. I started to scream at him to release me but as soon as the first syllable left my lips he lifted my arm even further and my scream turned into a cry of pain. You will be much happier once you have learned your place."Lori came back into the foyer with her hands full of rope.

When this threat elicited nothing but a sneer from him I knew that I was in trouble. You need to learn your place in the world just like she did."I gasped loudly and exploded, "BITCH! When I was finally subdued he pulled me close and calmly said, "You were warned bitch. As if he was reading my mind the hand that was holding my hair in its firm grip suddenly released me. She saw her boyfriend's hand on my breast and smiled. She wasn't just allowing her boyfriend to torture and **** her mother. Kevin came back from the garage and climbed up onto the coffee table.

_________________________________________ Scroll down to view text Karen's Bitch Training***An attractive but frigid young woman kicks her husband out of the house. We fought about money and sex and the best way to raise our teenage daughter.

She is soon a victim of the same young black man that is abusing her teenage daughter. We fought about the house and the cars and the bills and my shopping habits. Towards the end neither one of us seemed to have a civil word for the other. I can't tell you why I made no effort to even meet him half way. I still love him and I think that he still loves me.

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