Windows xp sysprep error updating registry Love mate cam girl

Microsoft have this knowledgebase article showing how to recover from the problem, although I discovered that this does not work very well on machines that have been built from a Sysprep (such as Dells).

If you're working in a reasonably well equipped environment with another XP machine and a suitable external USB drive enclosure then it's probably easier to edit the registry on the affected PC's hard disk by plugging it into the USB port of another machine, i.e.: Then, once the hard disk is reinserted into the original machine, bring it up in Safe Mode, deinstall Windows Media Player 11 and reboot.

This master operating system can contain other programs, for example Microsoft Office.It’s described here: The suggested solution is not very useful: I need my reference image to be fully updated using WSUS.I also need to be able to connect to the MDT server, to install the software. Disabling the Windows Update service will also disable the normal Update process, which runs during the build, so that is not a solution either.Therefor building the image takes more than 1 hour, and I have found, that if Windows 10 is online for more than 1 hour, it starts downloading and staging updates for the built-in apps.It is these updates that result in sysprep failing.However, it must not have any encrypted folders and avoid certificates with Sysprep.The Destination Installations are lots of new machines which are cloned images of the master.Problem - You have the boring task of installing lots of XP machines or member servers.Variation, you want to build a replacement for XP or Windows Server 2003 - quickly. You also need image creating software such as species of Ghost.I am building a Windows 10 x64 Reference image in MDT 2013 U2.It’s a thick image, as we need several large software installations, so we don’t need to spend hours deploying the image, if we installed the software in the deployment process instead of in the build process.

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