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Wilkenfeld’s unique songwriting, sheer passion, and lively bass playing all add up to a truly one-of-a-kind experience.Her recent and upcoming work marks an additional new chapter – playing more instruments on stage, including guitar, and performing lead vocals on original songs.However, at one point (early in the piece), Wilkenfeld moves Beck's fingers out of the way as they reach for the same note.By the way, can you identify the classic Beck tune they tackle later in the duet?She was just a young teen when she left her native Australia for Los Angeles to pursue her study of guitar at the LA Music Academy.Upon graduation, she packed up and moved to New York City to integrate into the Jazz scene, a sometimes brutally hard world that doesn’t suffer fools, or ingenues, lightly.But she stepped up to the plate and started winning over seasoned players and club owners with her confident Jazz Fusion instincts and just a few years later she was touring her homeland with Jazz pianist Chick Corea.Jeff Beck would soon be hooked on her playing as well.

If you can t even edmonton dating professionals the time to spell words correctly on your Cougar Life. While many of you might already be familiar with Beck (Who can forget his legendary 1968 guitar solo on Paul Jones' “The Dog Presides"?), be sure to check out Wilkenfeld, who's an incredibly talented bassist. More recently, she's recorded albums with Steve Lukather, Jackson Browne, Lee Ritenour and Trevor Rabin.Contributions of any amount are welcome, and fans will find interesting, exclusive items at every level.To celebrate her upcoming tour, several new items are being added to the store today, including three signed basses and two BOSS DS-14A limited-edition 40th anniversary distortion pedals. 30, 2017, Troubadour, Hollywood, CA “The response to ‘Corner Painter’ has been great, and I can’t wait to share more of this chapter of my musical life with my fans,” noted Wilkenfeld.Although beginning her musical journey on the guitar, it was someone else who actually pointed out to her that she was playing her instrument more like a bass and that maybe she should consider putting her hands on it instead.It would become a marriage made in instrumental heaven.OK, this 2009 video is anything but new—and it's aging as I type this! It looks like, for the most part, Beck sticks to the E and A strings while Wilkenfeld handles the D and G. It's a brief clip of Jeff Beck and his then-bassist, Tal Wilkenfeld, playing a duet of sorts on Wilkenfeld's bass at New York City's Irving Plaza on April 10, 2009.She started playing with Beck around 2007 and still makes the occasional appearance with the legendary U. She is the girl with the magical fingers, who won over a legend and has been thrilling audiences ever since with her prowess on the bass.

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