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The new predicates, INSERTING, UPDATING, and DELETING, are self-explanatory and refer to the event that caused the trigger to be fired.

There is also a new SQL syntax added to the CREATE TRIGGER statement to enable multiple events to be defined for the trigger.

Here are a couple of examples that show the usage of the trigger predicates and the new syntax of the CREATE TRIGGER statement.

For this reason, the TRGEVENT(*ALL) parameter must be used when removing such a trigger program.The new trigger predicates can only be used in a SQL trigger, and they cannot be referenced in an SQL function or procedure or any other SQL statement outside of a trigger.However, that trigger program does not need to be a multiple event trigger program to use the predicates; it can be a trigger that only handles a single event.With this new support, this restriction is removed and the before trigger program can contain these statements.Without the new support, an attempt to create an SQL BEFORE trigger that included one of these statements would have caused a SQLSTATE of 42987 to be returned on the CREATE TRIGGER statement.The business logic to handle those events is inside the respective procedure. Multiple event trigger plu_track CREATE TRIGGER plu_track BEFORE INSERT OR UPDATE OR DELETE ON prod_plu REFERENCING NEW AS n OLD AS o FOR EACH ROW BEGIN IF INSERTING THEN CALL prod_plu_ins(n.plu); ELSEIF DELETING THEN CALL prod_plu_del(o.plu); ELSE CALL prod_plu_upd(n.plu); END IF; ENDAs you would expect with the integrated database on IBM i, the existing Control Language (CL) commands can be used with the program object created for a SQL multiple event trigger.These commands have common sense behavior when working with these programs.With the new support, it is now possible to have only one source SQL trigger that needs to be updated to accommodate future changes to your database and business requirements.The support introduces trigger predicates and new keywords that can be used to control the logic flow in the trigger based on the event that caused the trigger to be invoked.As part of this support, a loosely related trigger program restriction was removed.Before this support, an SQL BEFORE trigger could not contain an SQL statement that did any committable work, such as an INSERT, CREATE TABLE, and so on.

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