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She has a long-standing attraction to Miles; he is aware of it and is sympathetic, but does not feel the same way.Walt Comeau—Janine's fiance and the owner of a fitness club. He lives with Janine in Miles' old house, trying to develop a fatherly relationship with Tick.Her mother's engagement has a negative impact on her; Tick despises Walt, who is trying to act like a father figure, and she resents her mother. A former alcoholic, a reformed marijuana plant grower, and a car-crash survivor, David is the chief cook at the Empire Grill.His talent brings a considerable amount of business to the diner, providing ethnic dishes that attract a much larger crowd.No one but Tick pays enough attention to him until it's too late.

The town, and Miles' life to a large degree, is controlled by the Whitings, a rich family that owns the local factories and much property.

She gained ownership of the house and custody of their daughter, while Miles ended up in an apartment above the Empire Grill.

Janine resents Miles' and their daughter Tick's close relationship.

Charlie's involvement is a pivotal contributor to Miles' reasons for remaining in Empire Falls his entire life. B." Beaumont Whiting —The sole male heir of the Whiting family, which ran Empire Falls from the factories up. When he was young, he moved to Mexico, and dreamed of being an artist or poet. killed himself roughly 20 years before the time the book takes place.

Both his father and grandfather had had shrewd business sense, short stature, and thoughts of killing their wives - all qualities that C. His father called him back to Empire Falls, where he took up the family business as well as an unhappy marriage to Francine Whiting. Francine Whiting—The widow of the wealthiest man in central Maine.

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