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In 1882, his sons, the Duke of Clarence and the Duke of York (later King George V) were tattooed by the Japanese master tattooist, Hori Chiyo.

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - After escaping years of sexual slavery, Jennifer Kempton could not look in the mirror without being taken back to her dark, traumatic past.

Among the Ontario Iroquoians, elaborate tattoos reflected high status.Most of these date to 3000 years ago and display similar markings to the tattooed mouths found among the women of the Ainu (the Indigenous people of Japan). Tattooing is mentioned in accounts by Plato, Aristophanes, Julius Caesar and Herodotus.Tattoos were generally used to mark slaves and punish criminals. In the 4th century, the first Christian emperor of Rome banned the facial tattooing of slaves and prisoners.“Slaves have been branded for centuries and it’s just evolved into being tattooed.It’s happening all over the world,” said Kempton who suffered horrific brutality during six years working on the streets of Columbus, Ohio.The tattoos on their bodies represent a variety of animals.The griffins and monsters are thought to have a magical significance but some elements are believed to be purely decorative.In 1861, French naval surgeon, Maurice Berchon, published a study on the medical complications of tattooing.After this, the Navy and Army banned tattooing within their ranks.This frozen human was found in the Austrian Alps and dates to 5,300 years ago. He has 57 tattoos, some of which appear to be for the treatment of arthritis in joints such as the ankles, knees and lower back.These mummies were found in the High Altai Mountains of western and southern Siberia and date from around 2400 years ago.

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