Sophos enterprise console update manager not updating

Endpoint computers update themselves from these shares.

It allows you to manage computer groups and security policies, and displays detailed endpoint status and alerts.For more information, see: Sophos Reporting Interface documentation page Sophos Reporting Log Writer documentation page Knowledgebase article Sophos Update Manager Sophos Update Manager downloads software and updates from Sophos automatically to a central location.It makes these updates available in shared update folders.A managed endpoint security installation requires two copies of Update Manager, parent and child.The parent Update Manager gets updates from Sophos over the internet.Note: If you want to use a single server instead of a distributed system, see the Sophos Endpoint Security and Control Managed Service Provider guide for a single server instead of this guide.It assumes that you are familiar with and already using a remote monitoring and management system (RMM) such as Kaseya, N-able, Level Platforms or Zenith to provide remote software installation, management and monitoring services to your customer end-users.Sophos documentation is published at Additional information and guidance can be found in the MSP forum within the Sophos Talk community available at: 4 Managed Service Provider guide for a distributed system 2 About Sophos software This section describes the Sophos products required for managed endpoint security: Sophos Enterprise Console Sophos Update Manager Sophos Endpoint Security and Control 2.1 Sophos Enterprise Console Sophos Enterprise Console is an administration tool that deploys and manages Sophos endpoint software using groups and policies.It also provides alerts and detailed reports about endpoint status and detected threats.Endpoint Security and Control (for endpoints) includes these components: Sophos Auto Update.This updates itself and the other components from an Update Manager. This handles communications with Sophos Enterprise Console over TCP on ports 8192 and Sophos Anti-Virus.

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