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God has made us witness a new dawn Only to give praise to his name Over the years, he has been our shield During the nights, he's been our guide Memory fails me to explain his goodness Of all the wonderful works of his hands Resolving obstructing issues between us Navigating our hearts towards his path In him our love keeps blooming Now and forever he has made me yours Good morning, my heartbeat.The morning whispered good tidings As I beheld the face of the trendy An epitome of amiableness Embedded I'm the whispering of valour Nothing can be juxtaposed with his pose With the elegance of a stallion You accompanied me with a dazzling Why would I not start each day With your love basking in my mind Good Morning my man.To conclude proceedings, a collection of short romantic valentines poems.While there are plenty of contenders amongst the other poems which you could use to pledge your troth or pop in a Valentine's card, this selection of valentine poems have been chosen both for their brevity and for the sincerity of the sentiments they express about love.

Those who have explored the more exotic of Paul's sensual and sensuous poems will be prepared for the fact that the sinfulness of the thoughts escalate alarmingly in the course of four very short poems.The poems portray love's swings and roundabouts in the context of a loving, if not lasting, relationship.A series of ten short love poems which share the opening line which shatters the carefully constructed romantic illusion.Let me not to the marriage of true minds Admit impediments. Only the jeweller knows the value of the jewel, Not the one who lets it go.Love is not love Which alters when it alteration finds, Or bends with the remover to remove: O no! In pain I wander from door to door, But could not find a doctor.If yes, get prepared to have the best of romantic love poems for him from the heart.You are the light that shines And radiates my heart with rights You are the cloud that drains me with the rain of love You are the one that makes me hope For the goodness embedded in each day You are the only one I desire As the dry land desires water Good morning the only one of my life. Memories of milds is what I have Origin of blissful thoughts is right beside me Reactivating my passion every moment Navigating my heart towards an unending love Incubating in his mind, ways to keep me happy Nothing can be compared with the enormous affection he has towards me Good morning my one and only man.A collection of short love poems by contemporary English poet Paul Curtis.From romantic haiku, the briefest of Japanese verse forms, to short love poems in conventionally English styles, the poems express a range of romantic emotions from the passionate to the desolate.Romantic disappointments, the death of a partner and divorce are subjects dealt with honestly, but sensitively in Paul's collection of short sad love poems.Compact, but packing a real punch, these poems distill the sadness, the heartache and the sorrow that accompanies romantic failures.

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