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Just last year, Lance had entered a cosplay competition. Red was stunning in the zero suit that glistened under the bright lights. Hunk scoffs next to him.“No it’s not.” He laughs.“Yeah, I’m pretty sure she had an eight foot train. You told me she looked like an angel.” Pidge teases.“Nope, nope. Don’t remember.” Lance shakes his head.“You told me you were going to marry her. ” His words are sweet and supportive, but Lance only focuses on two of them. Pidge, being the year below, heads in the opposite direction to her chemistry class, whilst Hunk and Lance walk towards physics. Hunk has taken it upon himself to tutor him, which has helped greatly, but it doesn’t make the subject any more interesting. He needs good grades to get where he wants to be after school, so he can’t afford teammates who slack off or do poorly. He can’t be that kid who ends up doing the whole project himself and getting an A for everyone involved.

Red was that Samus cosplayer.” Lance continues to pout in the front seat of the car.“We were all pretty damn well.” Pidge chuckles.“SAILOR MOON IS BASIC BITCH COSPLAY AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT.” Lance seethes. Maybe show her some photos of the two of you standing next to each other? “In this game called .”“Oh my god.” Pidge throws herself across the seat. Hunk parks in their school’s student parking lot and they begin to make their way to their classes. It’s a lot of reading and memorization and rope learning, which Lance has found does not suit the way his brain works at all. Despite his easy-going nature, school is important to him.

If you are interested in a girl and desperately want her to love you back, there are some ways to inspire her interest.

Getting a girl to fall in love with you requires you to build attraction with verbal and nonverbal interaction, while also showing her your naturally lovable qualities and taking the time to get to know her.

Lance and Keith are rival cosplayers, who only know each other by their online usernames. Pidge leans forward, resting on the center console.“Red is that really hot cosplayer that keeps beating Lance to a pulp in competitions.” She smirks.“She does not . He wracks his brain for some mention of this person, when his eyes light up.“OH! But this time he had chosen to focus more on his sewing skills. With a few clicks and a whir, the Varia suit opened up. He didn’t know whether he wanted to punch her or propose to her. Much to Lance’s annoyance, her incredible memory didn’t just soak up complex formulas and facts. You’re not friends.” Hunk shrugs.“Oh ho ho, it’s not ! He’s being dramatic, but Hunk can tell that this has genuinely hurt him. They file into their classroom, lit up by the early morning sun, and begin to pile into their assigned seats. He speaks to Lance in hushed tones because he knows he is self conscious about not understanding the material, and Coran always tries to explain things in terms that he knows Lance will understand. “Today I am going to introduce to you your latest assignment! Coran beams.“The respect and adoration of your peers! “…and maybe a king sized snickers.”There’s a weak cheer.“Also you will be completing this in Lance’s head almost whips off his neck with the speed he turns to face Hunk.

They are fiercely competitive, but are also desperately attracted to each other. She scrapes a few extra points in the craftsmanship area. His jacket was lined, hand dyed, hand embroidered, and true to his online username, excellently tailored to his body. His skits were always the best, and he usually won the audience’s approval easily. The huge armour parted in the middle, and with a removal of her helmet and a tossing of her long, blonde wig, Red stepped out in Samus’ zero suit.“TWO COSPLAYS! She had a knack for filing away all the ridiculous things Lance spouted, to hold them against him at a later date. Despite their rivalry, it’s clear that Lance has a lot of respect for what Red does. His words are quiet.“I just figured she would know me by now.” He purses his lips. Their teacher stands at the front of the class with an enthusiastic smile.“Good morning class! It’s a real doozy, so I’ve given you two months to complete it.”There’s a communal groan throughout the class.“Now, now don’t be like that.

It looks like you’ve competed against each other several times too. If you are, you guys should totally cosplay together sometime.

He went as Vergil in his devil trigger mode from the video game which was slightly unusual for Lance, who usually prefered big armour builds. It was so tight on her body that it was sinful, and even though Lance was pretty sure Red was a brunette, hot damn did she look good blonde. That your oldest son was going to be named Miguel.” Pidge states. It just means that Lance can now sit in class and actually understand what his teacher tells them. Lance blows a kiss and Hunk pretends to catch it, before sighing dreamily.“…and I will be assigning them to you.” Coran continues.

It’s an almost universal desire, as common as a hashtag on a Kardashian tweet.

Most importantly, be yourself and respect her for who she is.

To encourage a girl to fall in love with you, make friendly eye contact, smile, and move closer in a natural way when you’re hanging out.

Take care of yourself by dressing in well-fitting clothes, following your own passions, and showing her your kindness and intelligence.

Remember to give her space and show her that you love her for exactly who she is.

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