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Many learning opportunities cannot be repeated or taught at a later time.

If a student has been absent from class, a make-up slip must be secured from the home school and presented to the Center instructor.

Once the schedule is finalized and approved, very few schedule changes will be allowed.

If it should become necessary to drop a program and add another, this action must be completed within the first three days of the Center’s school year.

The items will be numbered and instructors will record which items are loaned to each student along with the condition of the items at the time issued.

Students will be required to pay the replacement cost of any item that is lost, mutilated or stolen.

However, should you wish to attend Center classes on a day when your home school is not is session and the Center does have classes, you are encouraged to do so with the exception of storm related delays/days.

Students absent from school because of a school sponsored activity are not counted absent.

Any work not completed will be recorded as incomplete and may become a failure at the end of each grading period.

For each day of absence, a student will have 2 days to make up the work to receive full credit.

Students are, however, responsible for work missed and the next day's assignments.

Students who have to leave class early because of scheduled appointments are to inform the instructor as early as possible of the anticipated absence.

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