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Could he get a work autorisation for 2 years of for the job's length, how? However there are some points which aren’t correct to a certain level.Should he do something before we go (4 weeks still before the plane's date)? I'd love to clarify some points if given the chance.Dating someone outside of your own culture has pros and cons.On the upside, it is interesting and there is always something to talk about.Westerners dating Kuwaitis face additional layers of confusion brought about by stereotypes and prejudice: sometimes it is just difficult to tell if a man likes you because of yourself and not because you are a Western girlfriend who he can "feel free with" until he marries someone "suitable" that his mother picks out for him: Yes, even if he is 45 and has already been married twice (in the States, this person is known as a "mama's boy" and it is meant as an insult).Arranged marriages between Kuwaitis are the norm here, even in upper class, educated families.Preconceived notions are hard to detect until problems arise.

The grass always seems to be greener on the other side of the fence, no matter which direction you choose.Kuwaiti women are intelligent and likely want to find out if her mate is intellectually compatible and if it will be a suitable love match.What happens if he isn't the "right one" and a divorce ensues?Kuwait prides itself on being a country of Eastern values and Western mentalities, but in this modernized country, it is often difficult to figure out where East meets West; where do you find a similar minded (and hearted) person and then how do you determine if he/she wants a life, not just a lifestyle? There are a lot of myths that you shouldn't try to mingle with Kuwaitis (Arabs for that matter). The key is to be more discreet than you would be in the US. What about arriving in kowait city with my 8years love (not married yet)?I'll be there for a job for 2 years and my boyfriend is an architect. Could we live in the same appartment, sleep toghether etc without being married ? Well this article is filled with vivid details on the Kuwaiti culture, which shows that you’re pretty familiar with all norms and traditions.You meet someone you like, you fall in love, you may or may not ever meet his friends; depending on weather his family is open minded or not, you may or may not ever date in public, you may or may not meet the family until (if you get this far) the man announces to them that he plans to marry you.Then, what happens if the family doesn't agree or worse: World War III erupts and potential-mother-in-law suddenly develops a "near" fatal heart condition?Cultural difference, appearance, and varied outlook always make another culture very attractive.Sometimes language is a problem and sometimes finding someone from your own socio-economic background is difficult (although the same could be said anywhere). The desert in the winter; the islands in the summer Don't be afraid to get out there and meet people! Meeting men in Kuwait is no problem for a Western (or really any other nationality) woman: in the car, at the mall, at a restaurant, in the aisles at Sultan Center, walking, on the internet. There are common dating rules to follow in the West and almost everyone plays by them: You meet someone you like, you fall in love, you meet his friends, you meet his family, you might move in together, you get engaged, you get married and have kids.Kuwait isn'Xt as easy for a Western woman dating Kuwaiti men.

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