Scott schuman dating garance dore

Brand awareness, after all, is in part what landed the blogger her latest corporate collaboration.

for its latest campaign – a tricky one – that involves a name change and seismic image shift.

While her blogger status now seems enviably prescient, at the time she wasn't particularly proud of it. Her entrée into the fashion world "happened very organically," she explains.

She had always been intrigued by what was happening on the streets.

“I’ve known some people at PPR for awhile,” she said.

“We were talking about my videos and they had an idea involving the changing of names." She was really excited to work with the conglomerate since it supports sustainability and protecting designers' creative rights - both of which are essential to a healthy fashion industry.

"The recession made clothes wearable and buyable, which is true prêt-à- porter. "It's my goal to look like those girls who are so put together, but I have to go home and update my blog," she says.

And for Philly fans of the fashion blogger, Doré hints at an upcoming blog post dedicated to the land of "cool people" and cheesesteaks - adding that the one she devoured at Jim's was "very delicious!Yet, in order to make the transition easier for all, the explanation behind the name change had to be conveyed in an organic manner - through an authoritative, yet accessible voice like Dore's.The personality explained how the collaboration - which involves a five-part video series that tells the story of the luxury group from her chic, Parisian perspective - came into fruition.But one of my favorite things about Doré is what the well-traveled blogger has to say about Philly. The blogger, who first visited the city with her beau Scott Schuman for his book signing in Fall 2012, was in town again last Friday to speak on a panel at Wharton.Doré tells me she spent her morning in town at the Navy Yard exploring Free People and Urban Outfitters.Her first job was as a film publicist, but she eventually ditched that to seek out small illustrative commissions from magazines.Still, even that proved too restrictive, and she craved communication with people looking at her work. is now four years old, nearly ancient in Internet years. She initially posted her illustrations and welcomed reader comments. "Four years ago, to have a blog meant you had no life." Now it receives 70,000 hits per day, many of those by the very women she photographs, hoping they made the cut.Pair that with a sixth sense for personal style—both her own and that of others—and her intimate pictures accompanied by musings on the appropriateness of short shorts or the beauty of a white shirt become absolutely essential.Born and raised in Corsica, Doré grew up with dreams of illustrating for Disney.PPR, the umbrella company of luxury and sporting lifestyle brands like Gucci, Bottega Veneta and Brioni, is changing its name to Kering, pronounced "caring," this summer.The "Ker" in "Kering" means "home" in the Breton language.

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