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You can wear a very traditional, simple white temple dress as your wedding dress for your temple sealing.

Do you have a temple that has a special meaning for both of you?

Be willing to splurge on your top priority and economize on the other aspects of the day.--Read about the average cost of Mormon weddings here.

Here’s a list of topics you should discuss before you get married.

Each bride needs to decide whether she wants to wear her wedding gown or temple dress for the sealing—and if the wedding dress she’s chosen will be appropriate for the ceremony.

They will tell you about the standards and the options they have to make your dress fit the correct standards.

Primarily based in Edinburgh, The Scottish Government (previously the Scottish Executive) is responsible for governing public services in Scotland.

Scotland has 32 elected local authorities (Councils) which are involved in providing local services including Education, Social Work, Economic Development and Regeneration.

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