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You are bringing it up to share insight, like letting them know where you have traveled emotionally.For Example: I really liked when_______ , because_______ .But love is not suffering, self-sacrifice, and taking hard knocks constantly. If you are finding yourself in this kind of relationship, get out if you can. Allow them to be authentic, have power, and take responsibility for their own desires and needs.Going to therapy is a good idea if you cannot get out or you keep repeating this pattern. Don’t assume other’s intentions, thoughts, feelings, or experiences. You must communicate and share in the relating to have real intimacy! By nature we are more obsessed about how our partner feels, thinks, and perceives US, and we forget to get interested and investigate their inner worlds. You don’t need to talk “massive shit” about your Ex to let a person know what worked for you and what didn’t. Let your date know you are not asking them to be or not be your Ex.These pseudo-rules are meant as guidelines for dating and loving.

Just like having a best friend in childhood, some relationships are only meant to be in our lives for a time.But other dating games can end up suppressing a person’s own intuition and desires, like when daters try to be the fantasy people they assume is idealized in the other’s mind. So many times people don’t want to appear needy or judgmental, and so they act like someone they’re not. Eventually, inevitably, you will be found out; and then it really hurts to lose the person after they discover that you both don’t want the same thing. Worst thing you can do is blindly agree to be or do whatever the other person wants, just to avoid conflict.The dating rules that I have come across make me concerned for those loving souls just trying to connect while holding on to their authentic sense of self; so I thought, I would write guidelines for a win-win situation. They need to like YOU, and NOT what you will DO or BE for them.The hardest part about dating is the “dating game” which often creates more harm than good.There are the social norms of not harassing or abusing on dates which are really important. Now, ask yourself: What do you really want to say and really want to do? We are all needy and judgmental, and if you’re not, then you won’t be in a real relationship.) Guess what? For example: I want _______ because _______ means _______ to me. For me, I experience _______ like_______ because_______ .She helps people identify their limiting patterns and helps people to increasing trust in their intuition.She uses EMDR and body-based techniques to help people find connection in relationships, and she supports authentic expression in communication.Don’t wait for them to “find out naturally.” It is setting a trap for them. If you already date with authenticity it may be time to go talk to a Psychotherapist and see what holds you back. Your real power comes from your ability to choose who you want to love instead of placing the fate of your love-life into the hands of some super power.Partnering well requires: a degree of luck in finding a compatible person, the maturity to know yourself and what you want and the willingness to relate honestly and the skill and motivation to work together to create connection and manage conflicts.You need friends, family (chosen or biological), community, etc.All these people help you grow and support you, while supporting the health of your relationship. All these experiences, both painful and pleasurable, contribute to us showing up more powerfully and authentically in the world.

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