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As a cast in the 2000 French-American war film, Will appeared as Torpedoman Ronald – Rabbit – Parker.

Will is also admired for portraying Officer Simon Jansen in the 2012 superhero film of the Nolan brothers -“The Dark Knight Rises”.

It seems he is doing best job without harming others and has been a straight person in his life, for which he has not been in any controversy yet.

After completing his high school, he attended Santa Monica College, where he majored in English Literature.

He’s also appreciated for numerous comedy and television movies. Will is compassionate about promoting human welfare.

We gathered that he supports Natural Resources Defense Council, World Wildlife Fund, Heal the Bay, Best Friends Animal Society, and Vote Solar because they’re consistent with his belief in advocating sustainability, wild land conservation, renewable energy and humane treatment of animals.

He was again, nominated in 19 for an award in the drama series. In 1996, Will got another shot at the Young Artist Awards.

This time, he was nominated for the Best Performance by a Young Actor in TV Comedy Series.

The nomination was for his role in the American children and family oriented drama series – “The New Lassie”. EST could also stand for many things, such as Eastern Standard Time, or European Summer Time. "Est" is Latin for "is" (it is, he is, she is, 'etc.). He isn’t married and, if he’s in a romantic relationship with anyone, he’s keeping it a secret.Meanwhile, rumor has it that Will Estes once had an affair with Jennifer Love Hewitt, the Nancy Sinatra of “American Dreams”.If you ask Will what’s inspiring his humanitarian activities, he’d say his first awareness about the quality of our environment occurred to him as a child.A rainstorm in Los Angeles contaminated the ocean and made it unfit to swim in. See Also – Billy Miller, Relationship With Kelly Monaco, Married, Dating, Bio Much isn’t known about Will Estes’ personal life.Will was nominated for his portrayal as Cory Hartman in the American family sitcom – “Kirk” created by Ross Brown Despite the nominations, records documented that Will Estes only got to win his first award when he was 36.In 2014, Estes won the Performance in a Drama Series Episode’s Prism Award for his role in “Blue Bloods”. He did commercials as a child, which was his first experience with acting on television. Estes was interested in acting since his childhood age.

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