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:-) I don't understand the attitude I sense from some who think of these as "everyday" strings - is there such a thing? I still don't like having two strings in one envelope.

I've used these since 1980 (along with many others) and still prefer these on some of my best guitars. I far prefer having all six in one plastic envelope (a la D'Addario) - or one string to an envelope, the way God intended -- but not two in one.

Where to find the serial number Look in the sound hole in the direction of the neck and you see on the neck block model and serial numbers are stamped.

Takamine guitars are made at the foot of the Takamine mountain in Sakashita in Japan; the company has been producing guitars for over 40 years.

This allows you to date your guitar with considerable accuracy; you can assume that lower numbers will have been produced in the morning and higher numbers will have been made in the afternoon.

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"Like our guitars, each string is made carefully, precisely, using only premium materials." Chris Martin IV Martin Traditional 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings offer a bright tone.

Not only are their packaging materials minimized and 100% recyclable, but the envelopes reduce the tarnishing effect on the strings. I would buy these strings again There are now a lot of acoustic strings on the Market. However in my full time repair practice I use these strings exclusively on Steel String guitars - whether 11s, 12s, or 13s I find they are complimentary to most guitars and are consistent from packet to packet and that is important to me. Tried these only once but they were ok for few days but dead within a week. I didn't want to risk giving them another chance, but they are cheap, if you don't mind short life or you have an exceptionally bright guitar you may like them. They aren't as loud as some I've tried, and they don't last quite as long for me either, but at this price, I'll just change them again.

A guitar with a serial number starting “050108” would have been made on the eighth of January 2005.

Note the final two digits for the maximum amount of precision.

The serial number can be used to date the guitar on all Takamine guitars other than the G series, which do not have a simple rule that can be used to date them. You can run the serial number through the Takamine dating engine on Guitar Dating (see “Resources”), but it isn’t necessary because the date is easy to extrapolate from the serial number. “01” in these spots would be indicative of a guitar made in January, and “12” would mean the guitar was made in December. This is literally the day out of the month that your guitar was made on.

The clear structure of the Takamine serial number system makes it easy to work out the exact day your guitar was made on.

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