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The following code shows the usage of this function and the output array it returns.

function to get the current date in a specified format. The first argument is the format of the date to be returned and the second parameter is the timestamp.

Download Is Vipi OSSN is a free and open source social networking, community, membership and dating software built with PHP/My SQL, JQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap and fully responsive.

Download Online Dating is a well-known PHP framework that allow you to create a powerful dating websites.

Download Oxdate is a flexible and easy to use PHP dating software, comes with most needed social plugins so you could use it as a Social network as well.

This function requires the Hour, Minute, Second, Month, Day and Year in the order of (H, I, S, M, D, Y ) as shown in the following example.

What’s going on, in this post i would like provide you with a high-quality PHP scripts we’ve obtained for your needs to develop a website, inside article we intend to make sure to concentrate on PHP dating scripts.

Here are some the date-related formatting characters that are commonly used in format string: function can be used to find the weekday name corresponding to a particular date.

Dating Pro software is an online dating site builder that can match your niche business ... The Dating Pro software will help you build a website ... Earn with your dating site by using memberships or by activating paid ... Dating Pros design themes are fully responsive which means ... Full demo for webmaster and member area ( homepage ). included flash streaming video chat is oriented towards dating and adult usability as it implements on chat and on site private session support; these dating scripts include social networking and community modules like ... comes with source code for the server side php files and can be integrated as plugin/stand alone application on any website. User can add multiple school, college, university with start and end year or present tag.

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