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It’s private, and seems safe.”Indeed, most of the affairs start—not when the former lovers are miserable—but when their lives are going well.About 25% of us have one: A Lost Love from our youth who didn’t become our forever mate.And it’s only natural to wonder whatever happened to them.Please click “Share Article” below to link it with your favorite social media website. Contact her at [email protected] Science All material copyrighted by Duana C. D., 2009 @Monica, Yes, you're right--it definitely matters what the connection was like the first time around.Just about everyone has people from the past whom they cared about or even loved, but most of those folks would not pose a threat to a marriage.No matter: At that point, it ceases to be innocent.States Kalish, “The Lost Lovers—happily married to others and up to that point entirely faithful to their spouses—had no idea that when they met for a simple lunch together sparks would rekindle the fire.”cheating women (in this study and others) are very likely to be dumped by enraged husbands; and cheating men usually “get” to stay married to a wife who remains “very angry, resentful and suspicious” over a long haul that probably feels eternal.Helen Fisher and other biologists, anthropologists, etc.have found that we all release particular hormones as we fall in love. Vasopressin is such a strong bond in some animals, that even a little exposure will cause monogamy for life.Increasingly, it seems that there is some biological wisdom behind that uncomfortable [email protected]: One thing that may explain the specialness of early love (and how it retains its hold over us even decades later, even to our detriment) has to do with the chemistry of love.

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