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And if mated with a DD lab, no dilutes will be in the litter.If mated with a Dd carrier, dilute labs could appear in the litter.In many cases, the ancestry can be traced back through a few generations of pedigree dogs and the silvers litter mates are registered as pedigree, so the silvers should be able to as well.

If people started to introduce genes just to change the color of a breed then this whole system would break down.

You can see this in an easy to read diagram, along with the possible litters that would result from the 81 possible mating combinations, in this informative article from labbies.

So there are 3 different possibilities: And no matter the subsequent breeding, a dilute will not be found in the litter.

The controversy surrounding the origins of the color, with the possibility of Weimaraner genes having been introduced angers them.

But breeders of the Silver Labrador argue that it is a pure bred Labrador.

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