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ALC’s Online Japanese School lets you get started in a private lesson with a Japanese instructor.

Lesson topics for business situations ALC’s Online Japanese School offers courses especially for business situations.

Lessons incorporate current events and information about Japan, giving students a better knowledge of Japanese culture as they learn the language.

A device that can use Skype (toll-free), a headset with mic, and a Web camera are all you will need to take lessons.

All of our Japanese instructors have expert knowledge of and extensive experience in teaching Japanese.

Every one is a highly-capable native instructor who has met our rigorous recruiting standards and received extensive training.

Students will learn basic Japanese expressions for use in self introductions, business telephone conversation, honorific language in business, business e-mails, and business etiquette.more Thorough one-on-one conversation practice Whatever has stopped you from studying in the past — whether it’s been a lack of a nearby Japanese school, being too busy with work or housework, or being dissatisfied with how little time there is to talk in group lessons — ALC’s Online Japanese School is the perfect choice.You can use your PC, smartphone, or tablet to reserve a lesson anytime you like.As lessons are conducted using Skype (toll-free), you can even take them from home.With 50-minute lessons that are one-on-one from start to finish, you’ll get a great sense of achievement and fulfillment after each lesson.Students will learn about how to quickly respond appropriately when the person being called is away from her desk, when having a call transferred, and when taking a message.They will also learn methods for logically and concisely expressing themselves through short speeches.At the ALC Online Japanese School, all lessons are private lessons.Our lessons encourage spontaneous verbal communication from students and provide a great many more opportunities to speak than classroom-based group lessons. With a PC and Internet access, you can take courses anytime, anywhere.Finally an effortless way to study Japanese for those who don’t have a Japanese school nearby or who don’t have the time to go.

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