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Are there any changes in prices for food and drinks? Are there any changes in prices for clothes and footwear? For example, one day the exchange rate is 0.520-pound sterling to a dollar, another day it is 0.520-pound sterling to a dollar. Do the importers and exporters use the same currency? The exchange rates change /or fluctuate/ from day to day. Taiwan has many skilled technicians and so it produces radios, television sets and other electronic products for export. : Countries export some products and import others because sometimes it is cheaper to buy than to produce. This is very good for sheep breeding and Australia exports much high-quality wool. A fork, a glass, a large room, a lamp, a brown hat, a green wall, a white shelf, a large factory. : Importers and exporters do not use the same currency. What does the international currency market consist of? There are no changes in prices for food and drinks. - Some changes in the oil and machinery prices, boss. I quote the prices and we decide to increase the volume of our transactions in oil and machinery. You know, we r signing a contract with Lincoln Freight on Wednesday Linda: Wednesday. It's about our bank's Letter of Credit dated July the fourth and August the thirteenth.

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