Free hot sex chats in syracuse ny Louisiana Jail, Inmate Deaths Mount as Mental Health Pleas Unheeded This article discusses problems with jails housing mentally ill prisoners and the deaths of several inmates that occurred in a Louisiana jail.

https:// Metzgar Introduces Plan to Combat Assaults in Prisons After SCI-Somerset Incidents A Pennsylvania lawmaker has suggested prison reform measures in the wake of assaults on corrections officers.

Link to article How Prisons Can Use Tech to Slow Their Ever-Revolving Doors This article discusses the importance of training inmates on use of social media and other computer technology to prepare incarcerated individuals for a successful transition back to the community.

Link to article With Idaho’s Inmate Population Skyrocketing, State Mulls 9M Prison Expansion Idaho corrections officials recently presented to the Board of Corrections a proposal for a 9 million prison expansion, including a new 1,510-bed state prison.

The technology uses a high-resolution digital scan of each inmate’s eye for identification, and can be used for quick verification of an inmate.

Scenarios help inmates deal with tasks such as using public transportation, buying self-serve gasoline or ordering food at a self-serve kiosk. Program provides a therapeutic community for inmates ages 18 to 25.

The tasks were selected by polling former inmates about what caused them the most difficulty after release. Specially trained corrections officers and inmate mentors lead a program based on education and life skills that keep inmates busy with tasks throughout the day.

https:// In Prison, ‘Reimagining Justice’ — and a Governor’s Legacy In Connecticut’s Cheshire Correctional Institution, the 16-month-old T. All officers volunteered for the program, which has a goal of developing a model for a prison that is safer for staff and productive for inmates. Prisons' Switch to Electronic Medical Records Expected to Improve Inmates' Care, Save Money A pilot electronic records program launched in two facilities in 2017 is expected to go statewide in South Carolina correctional facilities before the end of this year. S. The system has been using a combination of paper records and an outdated system developed during the 1980s to keep track of the health records of approximately 20,000 inmates.

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