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Even relatively sheltered kids are doing sexual dances without ever having been taught. It is either through learned behavior via the five-senses or through some type of cultural osmosis or even by demons that come into the home.

I had written in an earlier blog post against pornography that a man must not use pornography unless he wants demons to invade his home.

.—Genesis We long for our father’s blessing, but we often only receive his negligence or bad habits.

Due to vacation during the summer, there are changes in the visiting hours (drop in).

If you want to meet with a study counsellor, we therefore ask you to first call or email to book an appointment.

1 The reason we can not use a pious “daddy wound” excuse for our sins is because the grace we receive from God in the sacraments is infinitely more powerful than our physical, fallen bloodline.

The grace and peace coming through the Precious Blood of Jesus is more powerful than the sins of the bloodline of the Maranzano family or the Mangano family or your family or my family.

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