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Like a road possum playing dead, I'm just hoping this conversation will hop in its Hummer and drive out of my life forever. already."By responding to a stream of “jokes” about Kim Kardashian with variations of “ha” “hahahaha” and the ever-powerful “haha,” this is an attempt to bore the texter in question into fading away. You're lying on the couch in a blissful Netflix coma when suddenly you're hit with block after block after block of run-on texts from a guy about how vinyl "just sounds so different." You try to politely eject yourself, but they're not getting the message. Text: "lol"Translation: "Your sense of humor is GIFs of people getting hurt and trash-talking everyone, and I feel like I'm cringing my way into a bleak abyss."Similar to “haha”, but with a stronger undercurrent of vitriol.You keep sending the same smiley emoji and nothing else, but. A long-winded retelling of how supposedly crazy your ex was warrants a lone “lol” and nothing else. "You just sent me a link on the difference between true craft beer and craft beer posers."Parents write me thank you notes all the time, and I occasionally get hate letters from teens," he says.Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden agrees that parents need to wise up to what their kids are saying to each other online.

Jones, a computer programmer in Allen Park, Michigan, quickly realized the messages weren't from his boss -- they were from his boss' children who were hanging out at the office with their father for the day.

"You should see the things I reject on a daily basis," he says.

"Some of this stuff is pretty vulgar." After they read through his dictionary, parents appreciate the education, Jones says.

As a joke, they'd gone into their dad's AOL account and sent silly, innocent instant messages to everyone in the office, and none of the adults could understand the shortcuts and slang.

He later learned "idk" means "I don't know" and "lyk" means "like." "It was a real 'boy am I old' moment," Jones remembers.

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