Eclipse updating indexes forever

Oh and how about these awesome graphic that our design team did for us – Jetpack for Eclipse, Whoooosh!Here are the topics which are the typical culprits when working out what might be slow on your Eclipse environment.This is only really important if you’re manipulating byte code anyway. Well, you need to use the option on your JVM, which disables class verification.Plugins also go through the same checks and this can be a big overhead. Or just click the relevant button on the Optimizer for Eclipse plugin and let us do it for you!Well, there’s no need to worry or grow old beyond your years as there is a solution. A tool which has a deep integration with Java Classloaders, application servers and Java frameworks that allow you to instantly reload your code changes!You can learn more about the tool on the JRebel product pages, and either install directly through the marketplace, or via the Optimizer for Eclipse plugin.Eclipse stores a bunch of info in indexes and history which build up over time.

Secondly and more importantly, the Eclipse foundation do put a lot of work in to make Eclipse more performant, so you may as well make use of these enhancements in the newer versions.

I remember being at school, sitting in my history class thinking… Well, Eclipse history is just as boring, and it has the same effect too.

It manages to make time feel longer than it actually is.

It does everything we mention in this blog for you, and even tells you how much faster you’ve become!

It’s called Optimizer for Eclipse and you can check it out here.

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