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He would let her down gently to the point that he would make snide remarks to her, run away from her, and lastly, he became blatant with her.

At the end of the fifth season Professor Oglevee found a true liking towards Nikki and the both of them ended up getting married and living happily ever after.

It’s okay to be aggressive if you already know each other and that is what he's into but, if this is your first encounter with this guy and you are coming on too strong it may not work quite as well as you wanted it to.

When 'Aggressive Angela' comes out during the approach or while dating it is a sure thing that can hurt a man’s ego or just scare him away completely.

Even things that were never a possibility are now your insecurity tokens.

There is not one thing that is wrong with you but this: you are chasing him, stop.

If you find yourself wondering, crying and trying to get yourself together every chance you get then you don’t need him.

You are going to want to be with someone who is just as happy as talking to you and seeing you just as much as you are.

In some period of time in your life, ladies, you'll be head over heels over a man to the point you want to be with him.

Attract someone that wants to spend time with you, cares for you and takes initiative in getting to know you.

If you chase him will you ever find out if he truly likes you?

When you aggressively approach a man as a woman you are belittling his manhood and you are taking away value from your womanhood.

All that is needed is for you to flirt with him a little and show that you notice him and if he happens to come up to you then the ball is in your court.

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