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Groups can then share their PSA campaigns with the class through oral presentation or have groups hang or post their PSAs around the room allowing the other students to see their work and their message.

Sex Statistics Breaking into small groups, have students work on specific topics (one topic per group) such as sexually transmitted diseases, contraceptives, abstinence, teen pregnancy/parenthood, sexual harassment and any other related sex issues.

"What Parents Need to Know About Dating Violence: Learning the Facts and Helping Your Teen" Barrie Levy, Patricia Griggans, June 1995 This book offers information, advice, and real-life stories from parents and teens.

It is a guide to dealing with dating violence; and it discusses how to teach teens to protect themselves and build healthy relationships, describes resources available, and addresses special situations.

This completely updated book contains interviews with pregnant teens, boyfriends' families, health-care workers, and counselors.

A lively design, which includes cartoon strips and snippets from current newspaper and magazine articles, adds to the dynamic presentation.

"No Apologies: The Truth About Life, Love & Sex" August, 1999, Young Adult Teens get the facts about sex in No Apologies: The Truth about Life, Love and Sex , an exciting book that highlights abstinence as the only true safe sex.

Have older students take this assignment to a different level.Students will learn how this talk is different from the "parent talk." "Sexual Pressures" (PSA Campaign) Working in small groups, students can develop a Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaign addressing teen sex issues.These PSAs should focus on the emotional impact of sex and the peer pressures and temptations kids face.Students can begin to learn how to face sexual pressures through opening the dialogue.Groups of younger students may focus on three key questions that relate to sex and the morality issues around sex. After groups have come up with supported answers to these questions, they can then choose to role-play their "parent talks" expressing the group's findings.It provides information about contraceptives, as well as offering ideas for discussion and curriculum for educators and parents.It also includes an appendix for those seeking additional information on birth control.How do they develop a healthy respect for their own sexuality and the sexuality of others? This is a chance for them to set the rules on what is talked about and how. Sexual Pressures teaches kids how to establish boundaries, respect themselves, and respect others in a world filled with sexual messages, pressures and dangers that are sometimes confusing and difficult to navigate.Students should make a visual of their PSA, such as, a poster with slogan, pamphlet, TV advertisement, etc.The groups should create a message that is directed to a teen audience.

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