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Thus Europe’s cheap-to-build fastback coupé was the wildly successful Capri, followed, inauspiciously, by the charmless Probe. Cared-for, impossibly pretty mid-1960s classics and V8-engined, late 1960s Mach 1 muscle cars are the Mustangs most encountered in Britain, ensuring that the badge remains largely unsullied by at least three generations of intervening mediocrity.

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A date code of "11 28 W2" on a 1967 Ford means the part was stamped in November of 1966, making it correct for the 1967 model year.Various men go on what looks like your average coffee shop date with a pretty woman.After some chit-chat, she invites them to take a ride in her new Mustang, which she seems a bit uncomfortable driving (it's stick).Share your Mustang related dating experiences in the comments below!Ford Mustang took unsuspecting guys on the ride of their lives in this over-the-top Valentine's Day stunt, created out of Team Detroit.Moreover, with the European version long dead and the concept of ‘global’ cars suddenly fashionable in Dearborn, the possibility of the model’s expansion overseas was finally on the table.The sixth generation, engineered from the outset for right-hand drive, realises that ambition.This type format is valid where the date is set at moment of casting. The first set of digits is the Month, second part is the Day, and the third part is a code for the stamping plant combined with the Shift that actually stamped the panel.This 3 digit sample date code casting number is for a 302 engine block C8OE-6015-A with date code 9B7. Decoding Ford sheet metal stampings then this hood was stamped in March of 1965. The original ‘pony’ car, long in hood, short in deck and often vast in engine, has too long lingered in the tall grass of European car culture.In the US, its fame in Ford’s canon is rivalled only by the impossibly influential Model T and the unimaginably big-selling F-Series trucks.

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