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This was Shaun’s personal home instrument throughout his years at Oberlin and later at the Peabody Conservatory of Music on which he prepared for many important Competitions and concerts. Piano Craft offers Baldwin vertical pianos in all sizes from console to studio to upright to upright grand, including the B124, the B120, the B125, the B49, the B122, the B243, B342, B442 and the B252.

At Peabody, in Julian Martin’s studio (co-owners Keith Kerman and Shaun Tirrell’s teacher) sat 2 pianos side by side: a Baldwin 7' grand and a Steinway B (6’11”) grand. Piano Craft will also rebuild or restore your Baldwin to the highest possible standard.

Finally, differences in the lever lengths of black and white keys (1 gram less per black key) are equalised during counterbalancing, all of which rounds off an incomparable playing experience.

Over the last 10 years, Estonia pianos have consistently been recognized as the best value in handcrafted European pianos, costing about half the price of similarly made pianos coming from Germany.

Steingraeber has succeeded in the most difficult of piano manufacturing challenges in creating instruments that are true extensions of the human body giving the pianist direct access to dramatic power, delicate subtlety as well as all gradations in between.

A Steingraeber by Piano Craft builds on that genius by enhancing the Steingraeber’s already impressive dynamic range and color variety; something unmatched in any other new piano.

This accomplishment would satisfy any piano manufacturer, but the Estonia piano is so much more.

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These Piano Craft Steinways are found in concert halls, recording studios, museums, teaching studios, conservatories, Universities, colleges, music schools and homes.When prepared by Piano Craft, a new Baldwin is an unbeatable value costing less than half of what equivalent mass produced pianos of the far east normally cost.Piano Craft is proud to be the official authorized Baldwin piano dealer for the Washington DC metropolitan area (including suburban Maryland and northern Virginia) metropolitan areas.Piano Craft Steinways have been shipped to Germany, England, Korea, Japan, Singapore, all throughout the United States and Canada.Piano Craft technicians have received extensive training at the Steinway factory (including the Steinway factory in Hamburg, Germany) as well as taken multiple classes offered by Steinway factory technicians.Indeed, Baldwin grand pianos could be found throughout Peabody – in practice rooms, and concert halls alike. Piano Craft’s highly trained piano technicians are ready to tune and service your Baldwin.It’s because of this decades-long relationship that we are proud to offer new, used and rebuilt grand and upright Baldwins and their legendary rich American tone. For nearly 50 years Piano Craft has been chosen to rebuild, restore, service, customize and sell thousands of Steinway pianos of every size and age including historic concert grands dating from the 1860s, current year Steinways, and just about everything in between.We invite you to make an appointment to try an Estonia piano for yourself to see if it lives up to its reputation.Baldwin is a handcrafted piano with a traditional warm and rich American voice.Piano Craft Steinways can be heard at and have been chosen for The Kennedy Center, the Pollinger Artists of Excellence Concert Series at the Gildenhorn/Speisman Center for the Arts, The Steinway Concert Series at the Smithsonian, the Phillips Collection, Harvard's Dumbarton Oaks Concert series, Carnegie Mellon University and Lincoln Center.Piano Craft Steinways are owned by faculty at the Juilliard School, the Peabody Conservatory of Music, the University of Maryland, and many other institutions and concert venues.

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