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The sub-tree used for illustration is that containing Aida, but this may be any sub-tree in the CD_SOFT repository. One thing about cvs that had been annoying me was that when I did an update to get the newest source it would never create new folders, even if they had been added to the repository. The release command is used only to tell cvs you are no longer interested in the part of the repository you checked out.CVS release will alert you to whether you have left any modified files in your local working directory, and then confirm the release.The directory you give, and all subdirectories, will be placed in your working directory.The cvs add command tells CVS to add the given file to its list of files that should be tracked in the working directory.The file is not created in the repository until you CVS commit the file or the directory it's in.The file must be in the local directory when you cvs add it; that is, you can’t cp and cvs add with one command by giving a full pathname of the file.

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Note that it is reverse operation from the one we normally do on VMS, we only ever merge changes made from a checkout into the CMS repository.Contents: checkout, add, commit, update, release, import.Real-world Examples See Also: How to Undelete a file (see section 6.2 at that URL).This page outlines some of the common CVS commands as they may be used in the SLAC ESD Software Group.See the CVS Manual for more, in particular Multiple Developers (chapter 10) and the Guide to CVS Commands (appendix A).Before getting into the command itself, first pick a place in the existing cvs tree where you want to add your stuff.For this example, let's say you wanted to add a directory of "tool" files to cvs at the new directory "common/tool", so its reference directory would be $CD_SOFT/ref/common/tool/.Also be careful not to import a directory system that contains a subdirectory that is itself the result of a CVS checkout, because that subdirectory will contain a CVS subdirectory. You shouldn't ever want to anyway, because cvs import must always be run from the directory whose files you want to import, and always takes the fully qualified cvs module name as the argument.In this example we checkout a whole sub-tree, add a file copied in from elsewhere, modify it and another file, and check in the whole directory tree. Removed directions that said to update the reference area. 28-Mar-2005, Greg White: Clarify cvs import command help, or at least give more help. To check out a subdirectory tree, cd to the directory in your working space into which you want cvs to place the directory it checks out.Use “cvs checkout” giving the name of the directory in the cvs repository you want to checkout, where the name you give is a directory under CVSROOT, presently $CD_SOFT/cvs (eg app/alh, script).

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