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The Red Pepper House lies between an acacia forest and red pepper trees.Guests here are practically doted on from the moment they cross the threshold of this architecturally stunning beachfront read more Manda Bay Hotel is a small boutique beach hotel located on the north western tip of Manda Island, one of the many unspoiled, idyllic islands of the Lamu Island archipelago, an exclusive resort, Manda Bay offers barefoot luxury and informal pampering, Manda Bay Hotel is an exclusive boutique beach resort overlooking the read more Kijani House offers a bustling waterfront of Shela village; Kijani House is a small very exclusive and charming beach hotel overlooking the entrance to the Shela Channel, at Kijani Hotel you can work up an appetite walking along the 12km Shela beach and return to an exotic selection of sea food, kijani House is a good place read more Kiwayu safari village is a luxury 5 star beach hotel set on a stunning deserted beach on Lamu Island, if you really want a remote beach holiday experience of barefoot luxury, there is probably no better place in this world than Kiwayu safari village, you catch a glimpse of the paradise that awaits you as come into land on their private airstrip, first read more Wazi Dubu villa is the southern-most beach house on Kizingoni Beach Lamu more Lamu House is a beautiful example of how traditional architecture can be preserved, There’s a reflection of fine living at Lamu House, Shaded white-walled verandahs open out on a vivid blue sky and spacious courtyards that overlook read more Mwenye Amin house once belonged to the Al-Bakry family, one of Lamu’s influential lineages.The Mwenye Amin house is thought to be over 250 years old.Built in a U shape around the pool and gardens, the house offers exceptionally spacious public areas and large terraces.

Jahazi Beach House Kizingoni Beach Lamu is situated two degrees south of the Equator read more Jaha House is an exclusive secluded beach house located at the northern end of Shela village, where the houses meet the sea and the ancient craft of dhow building is still practiced with bow drill and traditional hand read more Garden House is located in Shela Village on the island of Lamu on the north coast of more It is no accident that Fatuma's Tower is rated as one of the Top 150 Best hotels on earth by Harpers & Queen; Fatuma Tower is an enchanting beach retreat in a secluded position in Shela village on the Kenyan Island of Lamu, Fatuma Tower is tucked between vegetation-covered sand dunes and a high coral more Diamond Beach Village is situated on the island of Manda, a sister Island of Lamu Island, Diamond Beach Village provides a wonderful base from which to explore the local scenery and also take in the colorful Lamu culture and people.At Mikes Camp you are offered your own private island where you are safe and more Manda Dream is a luxury beach villa located on spectacular Manda Island beach, only meters from the sea, and surrounded by luxurious tropical vegetation, the Manda Dream villas enjoy a spectacular view of the Indian Ocean.A few footsteps from the house take you down to fishermen beach where the ancient dhow building is still more Fishtrap House is a beach house is located on the seafront in Shela Village, Lamu, a place like no other, Approaching the village of Shela one cannot miss Fish trap House sitting at the water's edge between Bahari Beach Hotel and the Stopover Hotel.The elevated position and airy design of Pepo House ensures that it always catches the lightest of Indian Ocean more Palm House is situated near the sandy beach of Lamu Island, Kenya, the Palm House is a rental beach house near Shela Beach in Lamu, Kenya, whose architecture and interior design is influenced by Swahili style.The house staffs at Shella House are extremely friendly,.Shela House owns four private villas in Shela Village on Lamu: the Beach House Lamu, the Shela read more Samaki House is a lovingly restored 300yr Arab Merchants Mansion - a beautiful and outstanding relic from when Lamu Town served as a wintering point for Arab trading Dhows.

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