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Iverson got emotional before even taking the stage, just from host Ahmad Rashad beginning the introduction.

Originating in the Caucasus mountains of Russia, Comfrey can withstand temperatures of -40° F below zero without winter kill.

In warmer climates (Deep South and Southwest USA), it can be planted and the leaves harvested throughout the year. Strong growing and deep- rooted, Comfrey adapts well to most any environment.

*An ideal range of sunlight exposure is between 4 to 6 hours.

But it’ll be more fun if I have some fans there, so I want one of you to come with me!

Comfrey leaves can grow to be 10” wide x 20” long with prominent veining and some soft bristles underneath. The smallest leaves are slightly fuzzy and all leaves are tender.

Plants will continue producing leaves for 25 years or more and with optimum conditions you will reap thousands of pounds of nutrient-rich leaves from each plant.

In Permaculture, comfrey is often left to grow around trees without cutting.

The larger outer leaves will lay down forming a nutrient-rich mulch and ground cover.

Leaves can also be cut and scattered around the orchard.

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