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In the Communist period, some traveled this loop — no stops allowed — only to get a glimpse of a land then forbidden and inaccessible.But in 19 the brief Soviet excursion became a propaganda jaunt for Poles.Yet before we all dust off our Cold War textbooks and revive their Manichaean pronouncements, we should note that more than just geopolitics changed when the Soviet Union collapsed and the European Union grew eastward.First, naked anti-Russian emotions ceased to be an essential part of Polish rhetoric.

Poles, too, have seen their territory taken and blood spilled on city squares.

Poland “is threatened in the broad sense of that word,” Gen.

Stanislaw Koziej, chief of Poland’s National Security Bureau, explained in an interview.

— An old train route south from the eastern Polish city of Przemysl passes through Ukrainian territory, then back into Poland.

The tracks are a relic of the prewar past, when this was all Polish territory, before the Soviet Union “liberated” western Ukraine in 1939 from Poland and incorporated it into the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

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