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But it is also interesting that it seems pretty consistent across all i Phone models. The i Phone 7 review actually explains how having a slightly thicker phone is an optics advantage.

We may just be seeing more scratches on consumer i Phone 7's and especially the Plus because the lens cover is so much bigger this iteration. If Apple had made the 7 thicker it would have most likely produced better images and of course better battery life.

With the number of options for battery life now, not much to complain about.

Most of the time I hear people – mostly young people – complain the phone is flatis because they can't be stuffed to plug it in and charge it – even though they havebeen sitting next to a power point and cable in my house for the last 3 hours lol.

I did notice some times the screen was on in my pocket.. Never had to fiddle around turning things off before with an i Phone that was one of the things I like about them. My 7 just had a weird thing happen on lock screen, became unresponsive and even the power button wasn't working at all, then a minute later everything I did just happened all at once, so there was a freeze up, but my timer was still counting and raise to wake worked and turned off again, just all other buttons were unresponsive.i OS 10 bug I guess.

Well, you make a choice, one or the other – or buy another phone lol People can't complain about battery life and still want an ultra thin,ultra light phone.

Anyway, with Power banks available, car charging, solar charging etc etc, can't seewhat the issue is, just have a battery bank handy. Edit23gms, Whoopi Dooooo, someone has a cup of 300ml coffee they add 13 times that weight.

Okay so Jerry Rig Everything has uploaded his follow-up video to the scratch/durability, this time covering all i Phone models with sapphire crystal lens covers and also some decent lab tests too that he had alluded to on his twitter: https://youtu.be/Zx4h Rmu W6TM Very interesting viewing.

It would seem that the sapphire Apple is using is not high/pure quality aluminium oxide (sapphire) which is why it scratches easier on mineral pick tests.

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