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Guest rooms are equipped with premium bedding, hair dryers, coffee makers, desks, safes, irons and ironing boards. Comfort Inn & Suites is perfect for both business and leisure travelers seeking relaxing and inviting accommodations.

We offer many features that will make you feel at home. Los Alamos National Laboratory is one of two laboratories in the United States where classified work towards the design of nuclear weapons is undertaken.

If you read my Where’s Waldo article, you’re already aware of how difficult it can be to solve route optimization problems like this one.

With 50 landmarks to put in order, we would have to exhaustively evaluate 3 x 10 years — long after the Sun has entered its red giant phase and devoured the Earth.

The other, since 1952, is Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

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With the list of landmarks in hand, the next step was to find the “true” distance between all of the landmarks by car.

Thankfully, the traveling salesman problem has been well-studied over the years and there are many ways for us to solve it in a reasonable amount of time.

If we’re willing to accept that we don’t need the route between all of the landmarks, then we can turn to smarter techniques such as genetic algorithms to find a solution that’s good enough for our purposes. If you’re able to drive through Canada without issue, then take the direct route through Canada instead.

Since we can’t just drive a straight line between every landmark — driving by car has this pesky limitation of having to stay on roads — we needed to find the shortest route between every landmark.

If you’ve ever used Google Maps to get the directions between two addresses, that’s basically what we had to do here.

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