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Forget gluten sensitivity, which brings on many of the same symptoms of celiac without the long-term autoimmune disorder. As my friends who are doctors or nurses have told me, they didn’t spend long on nutrition in school. Even though I was horribly ill by the time I was diagnosed, not one of the doctors I saw suggested celiac as a possibility. However, as hard as it still is to get a doctor to recognize celiac, imagine how difficult it is to be validated with a gluten sensitivity diagnosis.

I received a gift card to Avante but had never been there before.Why is the general trend toward doubting these people’s suffering? Based on the data, the study suggests that as many as 18 million Americans suffer from gluten sensitivity.One of you reading right now has celiac or gluten sensitivity and doesn’t know it.Actually, if I’m remembering correctly, it started gnawing at me years before. The photograph on the right was taken about six weeks later. If your body does not do well with gluten, you are not less important for not having celiac. Then again, some folks find themselves slipping and nibbling without that official diagnosis.After a surgery and car accident in 2003, I never recovered. I doubted myself, especially when the doctors couldn’t figure out what the heck was wrong with me. And if you have different symptoms than I did — like infertility or migraines or terrible skin rashes — you could still have celiac. Also, you could have celiac without exhibiting any symptoms. A 2010 study published in showed that cases of celiac disease has doubled every 15 years for the past three decades. Our family doctor told us that he rarely heard about celiac 10 years ago.The salon was able to fit me in w/ Doug who I could not normally afford & had a wonderful experience at a discounted price. I am now 66 and find that really kind, helpful people are very important to me. Front desk always greets me with a smile and friendly atmosphere. Right from the start she was pleasant and put me at ease.Thank you to Doug and to your wonderful staff for being so gracious. My appointment is acknowledged and my stylist comes to get me within a minute or so. I don’t have a single bad thing to say about this salon! What I noticed right away was the fact that she listened to what I had to say.My energy flagged, my head ached, the injuries from the car accident lingered long after the physical therapists could explain. Each doctor passed me on to the next specialist with a little , seeming to imply that I was making up all this suffering. I bet each of you reading has experienced that before. Did you know that there are over 300 symptoms of celiac? (There’s a fun word for a food blog.) You could have tingling and numbness in your fingers and toes. Now, he receives 3 or 4 updates a day from all of his medical journals and sources. Now that there is so much more awareness of celiac than there was 10 years ago, gluten sensitivity is starting to be examined more closely.The medical profession as a whole still doesn’t understand celiac very well. Each one of us suffering from it may have a different subset of symptoms. Often seen as the poor stepchild of a more important sibling, gluten sensitivity can have the same pernicious symptoms of celiac.I called and asked about an appointment for my daughter to get a deep conditioning for her chlorine damaged hair. Not only should ya let her scrub your troubles away with her quick and lovely blowouts, let her wax youuuuu!They were so helpful with suggestions and got her scheduled right away. the service is Excellent to Better than excellent ! It’s life changing, best thing I’ve done all year!!!

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